Friday, August 12, 2011

Article on Black women dating White men

Today, I read an article on black women dating white men.  This article, contrary to many others, did not blast black women for dating outside of their race.  However, it also did not make the point that I believe black women need to hear.  By the way, this point is applicable to all women.  J  My response is below.

As much as I enjoyed this story, I am still waiting for someone to write about how it is "ok" for a black woman to simply date and love a MAN (regardless of race)!  Although there are probably only a few of us, some people on this earth do actually see beyond color.  For us, beauty, attractiveness, and compatibility have to do with a soul connection.  We consider personality, character, shared interests .......... and any physical feature which may be deemed sexy!  That might be ears, adam's apples, hands, necks, lips, noses, eyes, eyebrows, thighs................ but least of all - the pigment in one's skin!!

I, personally, love MEN.  I also LOVE my black people!  By the way, for the past 15+ years I have been married to a Hispanic – white man.

Growing up, I participated in majority black activities.  I attended majority white catholic schools.  I was raised in the church.  I don't know if my parents knew what they were doing with me but they managed to raise a black female who truly appreciated all people for who they are - regardless of race or color.  I dated only black males in high school.  I dated some other races in and after college.  When it comes to my race, I have always embraced it and always will.  (I, too, enjoy breaking out into a Kid-N-Play kick step!)  I simply love our way of being - our culture, traditions, families, etc!  But now I have doubled my enjoyment by adding on my husband's Hispanic heritage.  And I am thankful that my children can enjoy and learn from both backgrounds, experiences and cultures.

When GOD "separated" us on the Tower of Babel I believe he had a challenge for us:  to overcome ALL differences and live in harmony.  I am SO glad my family has done just that!  We have our share of problems, but they have NOTHING to do with race.  They mostly have to do with the fact that my husband is a MAN (lol).  But that's a topic for another time .............

To all my black sistas out there:  find you a good MAN!  Then love him, unconditionally!